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Every month several mobile devices are released out to the market. One challenge which affects the Hybrid App community is the ability to support multiple devices. It is costly to purchase several unique mobile devices, and with technology moving at a rapid pace, older mobile devices become obsolete at an increasing rate. Newer and faster devices take their place.

MVTester will provide individuals and organizations a simple solution, allowing them to test the look and feel of their Hybrid Apps on different mobile devices without the need of the physical device itself.

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

We understand your time is important so we have made setup as simple as possible.You will be able to load your hybrid app as is and without the need of any modifications. Absolutely no additional coding required.

An intuitive UI allows you to easily access MVTester's features and understand its fuctionalities.

Large Selection of Devices

Test your hybrid app on devices from well known vendors and from those you may not have known about. Also, try your hybrid app on devices not available in your region! Each device is manually verified against its physical counterpart to make sure it works exactly as it should.

Our list of devices is continuously updated so you can test on the newest devices available. See a device we don't have? Let us know and we will get it for you.

Orientation and Magnification Support

Often times, when you rotate an app, it will look completely different. Worst case, it will simply crash. Test your hybrid app in portrait and landscape mode. See how your hybrid app looks in different screens sizes, and how it behaves with unique layouts.

Zoom in to view each UI element with extreme detail, and zoom out to view your hybrid app from a different perspective. Catch issues and discover problems before your customers do.

Screen Shots and Sharing

Catch UI regressions and other UI inconsistencies with ease. Save known states of your hybrid app's UI through screen captures. Need a way to extract a specific screen shot and share it with others on your team? Simply selected it and email it!

Effective and Efficient Logging

Keep track of what you've done, whether it is a change in selected device or a simple rotation. MVTester logs your hybrid app and view outputs to the Javascript console. Email the logs to yourself or to members of your organization for further analysis.